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I’ve been collecting beads for more than 20 years, and thanks to some talented teachers – a basic stringer, a metal smith and a wire artist – I was inspired to create designs with my massive collection of beads.

I spend my time playing with and taking care of our kids & dog, cutting the grass, and shoveling snow! I make the time to work in my home studio when I can. I try to spend a little time every day working on new pieces and mastering new techniques.

I believe that sharing my knowledge of jewelry design has helped me to become a better designer. It’s important to me that I share what I’ve learned. I am constantly thinking of design possibilities to put wire and beads together to create a piece pleasant to look at and to wear.

As I watch my children grow, I’ve found that I have grown along with them. They have have taught me to share everything, to be aware and wonder, and to play everyday. I am grateful for many things.

Designing and teaching is rewarding to me. I always get back far more than I give, and I always give 100%.

Other Projects

  • I use the American Sign Language skills I acquired as an interpreter to teach the BabySigns® Program in the community.  For more information, visit my BabySigns® site.
  • I encourage and support the efforts of our young daughter to raise money and awareness for autism.  For more information, visit her Autism Pins site.